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We offer driving classes for all age groups.

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Drivers Ed | Waipahu Driving School

Learning to drive is definitely a teenager’s top priority. It’s all they can think about! Drivers ed is a fantastic tool to...

Driving Classes | Waipahu Driving School

Waipahu Driving School offers our students driving classes from an expert – a retired police officer with over 20 years...

Driving School | Waipahu Driving School

Are you an adult driver who would like to improve your driving skills? Are you new to our country and unfamiliar with our traffic...

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The beautiful town of Waipahu, a former sugar plantation, is home today to a population of over 38,000 people, and is increasingly dealing with dangerous motorized traffic. The number of cars circulating at any given time of the day is on the rise. Unfortunately, accidents are on the rise, too.

Waipahu Driving School offers high school driving classes Central, Leeward and Waipahu for high school student diving classes, off-campus driving classes and adult driving classes. We Provide lessons for every age group.

We comply with our state’s teen driver license requirements – those with a learner’s permit must now be accompanied by a 21-year-old instead of an 18-year old, for example. To drive between 11 pm and 5 am, the teen must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Waipahu Driving School teaches teenagers to be responsible drivers and to react in unexpected traffic situations. We offer driver education at Waipahu High School so that the teenager may enroll in our program –in classroom with 6 weeks (30 Hours in class) Saturday-Sunday 2 PM to 4 PM and 6 hours behind the wheel by state law. Upon completion of requirements students should receive a CAP DOT certificate to be eligible before doing the road test.

We don’t neglect adult drivers, either! Are you new to driving? Do you need a refresher course? Whatever your goal is, we are here for you! Waipahu Driving School’s instructor is a retired police offer with over 20 years of driving experience.

Whether its high school driving, general driving classes or adult driving, we are here to serve you! In other countries, it is mandatory to go to driving school in order to get your driver’s license. We believe there is a solid reason behind that. Call Waipahu Driving School today to schedule your driving lessons!