Drivers Ed

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Drivers Ed - High School Driving

Drivers Ed | Waipahu Driving School - Waipahu, HI

Learning to drive is definitely a teenager’s top priority. It’s all they can think about! Drivers ed is a fantastic tool to help novice drivers become acquainted with the rules of the road and learn good driving techniques. Waipahu Driving School’s drivers ed fully addresses high school driving.

In Hawaii, a young person must be 15 ½ years of age to acquire an instructional permit, which is valid for one year from date of issuance and may be renewed for another year within time limits of the expiration date. At 16, they may be issued a provisional license if they complete a State certified drivers ed course.

Waipahu Driving School offers drivers ed classes to high school driving students. We schedule our classes on certain consecutive Saturdays during the school year. During the lessons, not only will our students learn the rules of traffic and behind-the-wheel lessons, but will also become aware that restrictions apply for their permits.

Our classes include:

How to handle unexpected situations - this is the leading cause of accidents, especially for novice drivers. Unexpected things happen very quickly and if we are inexperienced, chances are we will not react promptly enough.

How to drive in rain or at night - the glare of lights and poor visibility or slippery roads are another cause for most accidents. We teach youngsters to deal with those conditions.

How to drive on country roads - bumpy or unpaved roads and the sudden appearance of an animal in front of the vehicle may lead to accidents.

How to park and parallel park - through practice, we teach you the skills needed to park efficiently

How to acquire good driving habits - we instill in our students that they should always drive as if a police car is right behind them!