Driving Classes

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Driving Classes - Police Officer Instructor

Driving Classes | Waipahu Driving School - Waipahu, HI

Waipahu Driving School offers our students driving classes from an expert – a retired police officer with over 20 years’ experience in giving driving classes. Who else would you want to learn from?

A police officer has spent his or her career:

Being an expert in road safety - police officers have driven over every terrain and every weather condition on the beat

Fully knowledgeable of motor vehicle laws - in their pursuit of traffic violators, police officers must be fully aware of all motor vehicle laws

Respected by the community - police officers keep our roads safe for all of us

Unparalleled experience - police officers have ‘done it all and seen it all’, and they can share their experience during the driving classes

Having a police officer as an instructor conveys the importance of safety behind the wheel to Waipahu Driving School’s students. They also begin to regard a police officer as an instructor and a mentor, rather than someone to try to outsmart.

At Waipahu Driving School, our driving classes are customized to your particular needs. We require six hours of behind-the-wheel practical driving, where we take you through almost every conceivable traffic situation. Our 30 hours of classroom driving classes are interactive and fun in an atmosphere of learning.

Waipahu Driving School offers driving classes for novice drivers – either teenagers or adults – and defensive drivers who are required to take the classes to mitigate insurance costs or due to a traffic infraction. The school is also good for mature drivers who need a refresher course. We tailor our driving classes to your particular requirements.

At Waipahu Driving School, safety is our top priority. Our driving classes are geared to accomplish just that. Whether you are a new driver or an experienced driver who needs to get up-to-date on changes in traffic laws, we will impress upon you responsible driving techniques that will keep you and others safe in our increasingly busy roads!

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