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Driving School - Improve Your Skills

Driving School | Waipahu Driving School - Waipahu, HI

Are you an adult driver who would like to improve your driving skills? Are you new to our country and unfamiliar with our traffic laws? Were you involved in an accident that impacted your self-confidence? Were you court-ordered to take a traffic safety course? For adult driving, Waipahu Driving School is your answer!

There are many reasons for today’s mature drivers (55 years and over) to take an adult driving course:

• Learning to minimize the effects of blind spots - we teach our adult drivers to be aware of blind spots and circumvent them

• Learn to maintain a safe distance - leave yourself enough room to react

• Learn the effects of medications on driving - do not drive under the influence of prescription medications!

• Environmental- and age-related changes - declining vision, hearing and sensory perceptions have a high effect on traffic-related accidents

• Limit driver distractions - do not eat, drink, use your cellphone or text while driving!

Some of our adult drivers are court-ordered to attend our adult driving school in order to keep their traffic infraction from being added to their driving record, or to avoid a fine or an increase in their insurance premium.

Our classroom adult driving classes are multimedia and interactive and will teach you how to:

• Improve your driving knowledge
• Increase your understanding of local traffic laws
• Learn the latest safe driving techniques
• Learn how conditions and circumstances affect people, cars and roads

Waipahu Driving School is your best resource for adult driving school. Call us today to learn about our programs and sign up for our adult driving school.